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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stroll through the shade garden with me

When I left for vacation, I left a back yard full of daffodils. When I came back, they were all spent...or at least that is what I thought. Come for a stroll with me and I'll show you what I found.

 I found these in the shade garden which is a way from the house so I don't get to go there often. I should though, when I find a pretty sight like this waiting for me to notice.
 This is a bit out of focus, but it's a dog-tooth violet which grows wild in most woodlands in the north east. 
 I love the spotted leaves, very distinct. 
 One of many forsythia bushes I grew from cuttings. Why buy them when you can grow your own from other people's yard waste?

 My favorite bashful flower, with her head down. Helleborus.

 A mixed bunch of daffies.


  1. No cut stems? You should have worn MY duck boots. LOLOL

  2. No, it wasn't silly. Your more than likely just the same as I am. Got out there to take pictures and then realized how wet it was but didn't care. I soak a lot of sneakers that way and then my socks turn a reddish brown from the clay soil. The only boots I have are those knee high ones that are rubber you get from WallyWorld and Beth thinks I look stupid in them when I have my shorts on.

  3. Oh, man! now there's a picture I want to see! Have Beth snap one for me next time you brave the boots/shorts get-up. I'll promise not to post it here...if you make me.;-)


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