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Friday, May 13, 2011

Tom causing trouble...again!

Every once in a while, when I want to cause trouble--which isn't too often (although you might want to ask Tommy about that) I start singing "You don't bring me flowers anymore" by Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand. Usually Tommy just laughs at me and offers to pick me a bunch of flowers on the side of the road which is fine with me. I prefer it to him spending big bucks on a dozen long stemmed roses anyway.
He knows this and so, he buys me flowers I can plant in the garden because these will last--or at least they're supposed to. Only thing is, these particular roses caused me endless trouble. It was raining too much in April --yes, I know the silly rhyme about the May flowers-- for me to plant them and then there was the tiny fact that I didn't have a good place for them.

"But they were on sale, I had to get them!" he told me. Oh, bother! What was I to do?

The Abby/Julie (of Wooly Acres fame) friendship rose garden (which incidentally has more than just roses in it. I'll tell you why some other time) was already crowded but gosh-darn-it I found space once I yanked out some invasive daisies and other weeds which always manage to pop up when I'm not looking. It obviously had been a while since i looked! So, Tommy's trouble-making was neutralized once more and now I'll have more roses. YAY!


  1. Out of all the flowers I have gotten, my favorites will always be the orange lilies that Monte stops on the side of the road for. I grew up picking them and bringing them home for my mom and I hope one day my kids will bring them home for me. To me nothing is more romantic that us driving down the road and him stopping the car in the middle of the street and hopping out to grab me a bunch. I guess this is just another similarity between Tommy and you and Monte and me!

  2. Indeed, April, They are darling, those boys of ours.

  3. You know...I think so too! Thanks Theresa. :-)


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