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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tomato plants, Frankenstein style

You may recall this past winter when I brought in a tomato plant to overwinter indoors. Well, that plant gave me several tomatoes before it kind of petered out. It never really died, mind you. It just sort of languished because of the lack of sun. Before it up and died I took some cuttings from it and set them to root in water. I had shown you my cuttings in winter too. Well, that one cutting of the tomato plant which I had grown from seed last spring, is now planted in a little pot. It's doing rather nicely.

You do realize what this means, don't you? I just cloned a tomato plant! I'm practically Dr. Frankenstein! Okay, so that's not so amazing. I mean, anyone can do it and soooo many gardeners do it without thinking, without realizing what an astonishing thing it is. That one of about a million things I love about plants. They will procreate, propagate and recreate themselves with or without human help. Cool, huh?

It won't be soon when I feel this little cutie can make it outside, so in the pot she will stay probably until June. This won't be the only tomato I plant this year. I plan on starting several once I get back home, but it's nice to have one that represents the past. I just sort of like the idea of a "vintage" tomato plant.



  1. I never knew you could propagate a tomato plant with a cutting. That is a very good thing to know. Can you do that with other veggies? How bout veggies that grow on vines?

  2. Most vines are rather easy to root in water or in moist soil. Even if I'm not sure if something will, I try! Only way to know for certain. Bring out your inner Frankenstein, Dan!LOL


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