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Monday, May 16, 2011

A tour of Mckee Botanical gardens

Before you get any ideas, these waterlilies are not blooming in my yard. This photo was taken in one of the gardens we visited on the trip down to Florida. Mckee Botanical gardens.

I thought I'd take you on a little tour of this tropical garden. Yes, that's the famous Cat in the Hat in statue form. The entire garden was home (from December 2010-April 2011) to a rather impressive collection of Dr. Seuss character statues.
I'm betting if you have kids, grandkids or were a kid yourself you'll know Yertle the turtle.
You must know the Grinch and Max, his little dog-turned-reindeer. Then there's Cindy-lou Who who is no more than two. Okay, so she's not a statue, but this art exhibit wouldn't be complete without her!
 You had to know this guy, my hero, would be here! The Lorax and I go way back, thick as thieves. He is my mentor and I'm his protege.
 I love his plaque too! Bespeaking the value of trees is an important thing, you know. How many times have I said the same thing right here at Glory's Garden? Untold times, surely!
Don't know about you but I love Sam-I-Am.

They created a whole allee with pages from "Green Eggs and Ham" along the way so you can read it all over again.

There were also nifty plants to see, like this interesting palm with loads of palm nuts hanging from it.
And this lovely view across the pond. Love that stone bridge. Last time we were here there was a statue of a dinosaur just across the way (they were actually all over the gardens making it feel like a real prehistoric park. They were the most realistic dinosaurs I'd ever seen! I actually thought they might come alive! I obviously have watched Jurassic Park once too often.

As we walked around the tall bamboo overhead banged together in the breeze. It's such a lovely, hollow sound. I wish I had recorded it so you could hear it.
And look at this cute little pineapple! Who wouldn't want one of those?
I hoped you like the little tour of McKee Botanical gardens. It's one of our favorites and when we happen by, we always try to stop. Hope you make it there one day.

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