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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unknown seeds: A casualty of seed collectors

So I found this seed pod in my seed box....well, one of them. I have two boxes full of seeds I either bought, stole or "borrowed" (I've told you 'm a pilferer of seeds, remember?)  I just love seeds. There's so much potential in them! Take this seed pod for instance. I don't recall where I got it, nor from which kind of tree. The size alone tells me it must be from a tree. As I don't recall from where I "borrowed" it, there's no telling what will come from it.

Several of the seeds fell out when the pod got warm enough in the house. This always happens. I bring in seed pods shut tight and within a few days of warmer than sub-zero temperatures, the pod explodes and spills its bounty. Remind me to tell you about my experience with ballistic seeds. Fascinating stuff!

See all those seeds? That's only half of what the pod holds and each one of those seeds has the potential to be a huge tree. I find that simple fact utterly amazing. So, here I am collecting, stealing and borrowing seeds from wherever they lay because each tiny seed can one day be something wonderful and lovely. I knew the tree from which this seed came at the time I took the seed pod and stuffed it into my pocket, but right now, I can't recall.

So, I planted a few of these seeds in a tiny pot and it sits on my window sill. Hopefully something sprouts and one of these seedlings will turn into a sapling and that sapling may make it to maturity and then I'll see the leaves and then I'll recognize the tree. That is when I'll let you know what I have here. Yes, you'll have a bit to wait, but I doubt the suspense will kill you. After all, I still have to tell you about ballistic seeds!


  1. Beth planted what she thought was flower seeds in our flower bed. Well the plants kept getting bigger and bigger but never flowered. She complained to me about it since I never pay attention to the flower beds and went to take a look. I burst out laughing and pulled one up for her. It was radishes and they where about the size of a hardball. Well needless to say as soon as they were all pulled they started deflating like a balloon. So your idea of planting seeds in a pot till you know what they are is right on.

  2. Dan, you gave me a good laugh! There are plenty of vegetables that would look nice in a flower bed but I don't think radishes are one of them. Hope you got to eat them! :-)

  3. Glory, your seed stealing ways are contagious... LOL! I started my own little collection to go with the seeds you mailed me. Growing I could remember my mom taking clippings and rooting them and seemed like such a hassle. That messy powder and cups of "hope to be rooted soon" bits would be every where. Taking a few (or a lot) of seeds is so much easier and convenient. I am so excited now that it is almost warm enough to plant them... but first I have to do some weeding :(


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