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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walking in Milford...PA

Walking in Milford isn't like Walking in Memphis. After all, I didn't have any chance of seeing the ghost of Elvis anywhere there. But that didn't stop me from taking a leisurely stroll.
Why I was in Milford at all was Brandons fault. He lost his wallet over the weekend and needed to replace his drivers license which could only be gotten at three locations on certain days of the week and yadi-yada-yada we ended up in Milford on Thursday. 
 This wasn't really a problem though. Justin goes to PCDC (picture above) on Thursdays so I just took him all the way there instead of just to Lords Valley so he could take the bus which takes him to Milford. Granted it is another twenty minuted further, but it just seems more tolerable when you can say you killed two birds with one stone...not that I'd ever kill birds with stones!

Anyway, While Brandon was inside waiting and waiting and waiting, I decided to walk around and look at the nicely manicured gardens. These are rare in the Poconos. What with deer all over the place trying their best to eat all you plant, most people give up on nice gardens. The deer population in Milford must be down some.
I marvel at the difference a few thousand feet in elevation does. Milford is just 40 minutes north of us but also down in elevation so, the temperatures there are always warmer even in winter--sometimes as much as ten degrees higher! Consequently, their trees and plants always start their spring show sooner.

Love the lush greens! Look at the newly placed mulch too. Am I the only one who sees the beauty in dark rich mulch? Probably!

These geraniums--yes, that is their real botanical name. I'll tell you about the "fake" geraniums some other time-- are better known as Crane's bill. I adore how it forms a perfect compact ball of foliage with a smattering of blooms just starting. Lovely!

When I saw this Scotch broom in full, marvelous bloom I longed for the one that got away. Actually it just up and died one particularly rough winter. And here I thought Scots of all sorts were tough!
 I thought this little roadside garden was such a charming sight.Everything here flowed together and around each other so well.Rocks, smooth, large and round were a nice touch.
 Pink Dogwoods everywhere here! So pretty.For whatever reason I can't grow this kind of Dogwood.I have Kousa Dogwoods and yellow-twig dogwoods but they just aren't these lovely "regular" trees.Perhaps I'll try again.

The lilacs were almost spent here and they're in full flower at my place.

 Here is the the "regular" dogwood which looks pretty-darn awesome to me.

Look at that lovely cheery tree in someone's back yard!

I could smell this Klondike Azalea about a block away! Yes, the perfume is fantastic and the blooms are always in neon yellows and oranges, so they almost glow in the shadiest of corners.

 I love the new growth of spruce trees, pale green and so soft. This appeared to be a weeping variety but it was so big I couldn't take it all in.

Look at all the potential baby maples waiting for a chance to twirl in the wind until they find a rich, moist home in which to germinate and become a sapling. Yes, that's how I picture seeds.

Well, that will have to do for my Milford walk. I rather enjoyed it and I hope you did too.


  1. I see your another native plant lover. They are easier to tend to than all those fancy hybirds.

  2. I do like an exotic or two, as well, but you have to know your limitations. Your Zone dictates that.


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