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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wet weather won't end!

Even the daffys are sad about all this rain!
Yes, I'm whining again about this wet never-ending weather. Things are sprouting, blooming and leafing out and I can't go out there to take pictures. Even when it stops raining the sun barely peeks out from the clouds and pictures with no sun just are not as good. At least I don't think they are. Not to mention that my flowers just look sad in the rain. Don't you think so?

Pictures for Glory's Garden is not the worst of it though. I should be outside doing something! Cleaning up flower beds, fixing up vegetable beds for planting, adding compost, pruning shrubs, dividing perennials, planting seeds and only a ton of other things which require warmer, drier, sunnier days than what I've been getting. OY! Are the rain Gods even listening????


  1. Colors turn out more vibrant in cloudy weather than in sunny weather.

  2. True, but that doesn't mean I wish to be trudging around with wet feet! ;-)


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