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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apple trees!

Oh, but I love my apple trees!

This year I actually got to see the blossoms for more than one day. The past 4-5 years we have had wacky weather Killer frosts which pretty much nip all the blossoms. Killer frost does that.

When that happens, there are no apples. So, it's been several years now we just haven't had one apple grown on our trees. On top of that, our trees have had a bit of trouble. We inherited them when we bought the property and built our home and they weren't in the best of shape then. Now, two of them have died. Was sad indeed! Oh, the apple sauce I made from those trees!

It's been quite a while since I have been able to make apple sauce from apples I've grown. Oh, I've made apple sauce with store bought apples, but gosh-darn-it! It's just not the same!

Yes, I am so hoping for a nice apple harvest this year and if I don't get one...well, I'll be crying a river!


  1. I can identify with that! Up in NW Ontario we have 8 or 9 kinds of apples. We have a "bi-annual" tree that gives us apples every second year. In the "off" year, sometimes there is a single solitary apple, or maybe even two or three-compared to bushels on "on" years. We sure do enjoy the "single apple" !
    We also have a "Luke" tree that has given us many bushels of apples for over 20 years--and this year it hasn't got a single blossom. Not ONE. Good thing we have a few others, and the pear trees are going to be loaded this year too!
    You need more variety of apple trees, some types resist that blossom frost syndrome better than others. Get an apple tree that ripens LATE. They blossom later too...handy sometimes. ":)

  2. Omigosh! I must have one of those biennial trees too! Every other year we got a huge harvest..alas, that tree is dying. We've tried all sorts of trees and the rabbits get at them every winter and girdle them by eating all around the bark. We haven't found a way to keep them safe so we've given up.


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