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Friday, June 17, 2011

Garden dreams blown to pieces

The back 40
Okay, so I exaggerate. My garden dreams didn't exactly blow up. They just kind of turned to mist and flew off on the breeze. I don't even miss it, really I don't. What am I talking about? Let me tell you the tale of what Glory's Garden was supposed to be.

 Once upon a time-- this was back when the house was finally built and we had done a nice job of landscaping the property-- I had come to realize I had a greenish thumb. It seemed everything I touched spread like wildfire--or perhaps like wildflowers?--yes, that's more like it. Tom came up with the pleasant idea of Glory's Garden, the plant nursery. I thought about it and liked it plenty.

So, what did I do to prepare for the grand opening of Glory's Garden Center? I planted a variety of plants in the back 40 in three large --we're talking HUGE-- perennial beds. There were daylilies, Iris, Wegielia and Spirea shrubs, PeeGee hydrangea, rosa rugosa, Miscanthus ornamental grass, hibiscus, columbines, daisies, honeysuckle, peonies, lilacs, fountain grass, clematis, viburnums, azaleas, sundrops, hops vine, black raspberries and a few rambunctious perennials whose names escape me at the moment, but whose presence is probably permanent, never to be eradicated. I also had quite an assortment of baby trees. In essence it was a pretty good start to a garden center.

The thing was, we soon discovered there were four other garden centers in town plus the supermarket and Agway--a farm supply shop for those of you who may not know what an Agway is-- had plants for sale, too. So, I asked myself: Did a tiny town like ours really need yet another garden center? I decided not.

Pretty Iris among the weeds
So, now the back 40 is just my personal nursery from which I dig out plants either to give to friends or to place in a location of honor within my rapidly decreasing room in the formal garden beds near the house.
This is where I got the daylilies that went on the Juniper hill
 Still serves me well, my defunct Glory's Garden Center. I gave a lilac to the neighbor next door just cuz I had it to give. I hand out plants to whomever wants one. I always seem to have too many of something.

So, really, I think my garden center is a good thing and I'm glad I have it.

This hops vine is tangled up in who-knows-what-plants, but soon, I want to move it closer to the house. Somewhere it can climb onto a fence and be the wild thing it was meant to be.

Glory's Garden now has a different focus. Now it's a cyber place for folks to come to and ask me a question or wander about the flowers. I can even give you a plant if you come around. I won't mind!


  1. So often our dreams have to face reality. That doesn't mean we have to give up our dreams through, we just need to modify them to fit the reality that surrounds us. Winston-Salem, NC (the largest town down the highway from us) has more garden centers, plus two Walmarts, two Lowes and two Home Depots. I've also seen 3-4 garden businesses that still thrive in peoples yards. They just specialized. One specializes in ferns, one in hostas and so on. The thing is they catered to a specialty type plant that the garden centers didn't have the expertise on.

  2. That's true and could work if I truly wanted that. The thing is I don't want to run a business even one in which I would excel. I like writing too much to split myself and my time on a real Glory's Garden Center. My own gardens and this blog plus all the stories I'm currently involved in writing are plenty for me.


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