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Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden gloves

I'd say I'm due for a new pair of garden gloves. What do you think? The thing is, these were new only a couple of weeks ago. That, however, was before I started the mad two weeks of weeding. Yes, I'm a bit rough on my gloves. If you thought I had dainty, flowery lady's gloves to protect my perfect manicure, think again.


  1. You could cut them up and use them with the perfect pair of jeans you cut up on Clair's blog!!!

  2. LOL
    First, those jeans were far from perfect. And second, don't think the thought had not occurred to me! :-)

  3. Time for a pair of 'unladylike' work gloves that will last you more than two weeks. You've definitely been busy. The poor weeds!!!

  4. See that's the trouble, Mandy. Those really tough gloves don't fit me very well so I don't have the dexterity I need to get those pesky little weeds which grow very close to the plant I don't want damaged. I have different gloves for every need. I'll do a post on that soon!


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