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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ginko tree

While I was on a walking tour of Milford looking at the lovely gardens, I came across this beautiful Ginko tree.

You may not even see by this photo what makes this a nice tree, but you must know about the fan shaped leaves. They are unusual and rather pretty.

It's funny, I have a few Ginkos in the yard, but they aren't much to look at even though they are almost seven years old. I guess they are slow growers!

This one's no more than one foot tall, but there it is in Tom's arboretum and maybe one day it'll actually look like a tree!

While looking at what I have in my back-40 perennial bed I found another one. It was hiding behind the only white Rosa Rugosa I have.
 I'll have to put this one in the Arboretum too...where, I have no idea!

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