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Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's a bit deceiving

I don't mean to be so, but I do believe I am a bit deceiving in my use of the word "weeding".
Could I have more weeds? Oh, yes!
You see, when I say I'm weeding, it truly incorporates a heck of a lot more than just yanking out a dandelion or two. It could also mean ridding the yard or the particular flower bed or in the case of the Juniper hill, the invading rosa rugosas. They were creeping into the Junipers and had to be snipped out of there or else they would take over. What a mess that would be!

Also, I have to give it to this Yoshino cherry tree. It is nothing if not the most prolific growing tree I have. The branches weep and sprawl all over the junipers so you can't even see the ones which are planted just beneath the tree. The junipers themselves have a tendency to grow long over the barrier instead of growing wide, to spread outward. That doesn't help me either. I need to trim those too, you see. Which makes more work and more "weeding" of sorts.

See where I get a bit...shall we say...confused about the weeding thing? It involves pruning and trimming and weeding too. So, do you see why it takes me so long to do the weeding in one place? It's just a whole lot more than just dandelions. And it also explains why my compost pile it piled way up high again!


  1. Isn't all that the fun part of having a green thumb?

  2. It is! Even if I only have a few months per year in which to garden, it seems everything I have in the yard grows double time just to make up for the short growing season! LOL


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