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Monday, June 6, 2011


Longwood gardens had what I would call a lily explosion but they called Lily-topia.
Here's Tommy taking a sniff. The flower was as big as his face!

Lordy! Never has anyone had sooooo many lilies in one place at one time.
Lily "trees"
As soon as you enter the conservatory we were blasted with the perfume of a thousand lilies forming this arch.

The array of colors was amazing.

How in the world they got all these millions of Oriental Lilies blooming at the same time for this extraordinary show is beyond me! I'm just so glad i didn't miss it!

I caught my allergic prone Tommy here just before he sneezed! I did say it was a blast of perfume, didn't I? He refused to leave until I had my fill of the lilies...the poor dear!

The brilliant colors, the astounding size of the blossoms, the lovely scents! Just heavenly!
This was my pick for the best lily in the entire place. Truly, there were no losers here.

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