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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nodding flowers drive me nuts!

There are several flowers which I love but gees-Louise, they annoy me when they nod their heads in apparent opprobrium. ( Diane Quinn, the latest winner of our Helium's Author challenge will be impressed I used her word, I'm betting!)

This is a Columbine which has nothing whatsoever to do with horrific scenes of carnage at high schools but will no doubt lead folks to think of it forever more.

As you can see they  nod their heads in apparent shame so I have to get down to their level--actually even lower-- so I can see their pretty faces.

They come in several colors and are a thrill to have around. Know why? They always surprise me because they drop seeds willy-nilly and it's anyone's guess where they'll show up next!

Of course I could always just hold them for the photo shot, couldn't I? It's just not so easy to hold a camera still with only one hand!

yes, they can become weeds like anything else if the seed land where they don't belong, like here next to the clematis.

So, what's my point about these columbines? I like them plenty and you should give them a try too...even if you do have to lie down to get a good look at them!

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