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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The revelation

I've been telling you about my war against the weeds on my Juniper hill. The Junipers just aren't very good at keeping weeds down and even worse happens! The weeds grow right around the base of these prickly plants which makes it rather unpleasant to be weeding around them. Even with long sleeves and pants I get scratched up working around those nasty things. Hence why it gets so badly out of hand and full of weeds before I'm willing to tackle weeding that blasted Juniper hill.
pretty but prickly

It really isn't the Junipers' fault that weeds grow at this far end of the hill, in truth. They simply don't grow there so, how could they stop them? So, weeds have free feign there and I can only do so much to keep them down.

 Well, I had a revelation. I figured out how to solve this problem. Yes, I get revelations from time to time, usually when I least expect them. There I was taking a break from the endless weeding when I turn and look across the drive to the daylilies. No, they are not yet in bloom. This is a picture of them from last year. They will bloom like this soon, probably when I leave for vacation with Tommy. I'll tell you about that some other time.

So, there was the answer all along. Daylilies! So off I went to the back 40 to dig me up some nice daylilies. These were un-named hybrid daylilies I've been saving for just such a revelation. No, I didn't take the daylilies from the hill just across the way. That would have been too easy! The daylilies were going to go right in the corner where every car coming up the road could see them so I wanted the flashier colors of the hybrid daylilies I had in the back 40. They  were in huge, tangled, fleshy rooted clumps which will be big enough to take over instantly and spread like they always do. I dare a weed to get through these babies!

To the left are the daylilies where weeds always reigned supreme

Here you can see some of the daylily clumps already planted and the rest of the spot somewhat weeded but still bare. I decided to toss down some catnip seeds and zinnia too. Not sure how this will look, but I see bare ground and I think, "Gotta get my seeds out and do something there". How does one transition from such diverse plant materials junipers, daylilies and a few annuals? Heck if I know, but then, I don't really care. I never claimed to be a landscape designer.

Just as long as this corner is somewhat weed free, I'll be okay with it. Revelations are good!

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