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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rhododendrons galore

The Rhododendrons are out! And what a show they are putting on at Longwood!

I always thought they looked a tad like orchids up close. Pity they have no scent.

Sometimes Rhodos can grow very tall.

And sometimes they just look like they're big when a shorty like me stands next to them.

Of course, I have rhodos at my house too. The amazing thing is they are blooming at precisely the same time as the ones at Longwood. Don't remember that ever happening.

This is on the side of the house. I recall them being tiny little bushes when they went in and look at them now! They cover the whole side!

No, this isn't a bi-colored Rhodo. It's two different colored ones growing together and no, I didn't plan it that way. Really, I have no control over my garden!

Oh, but they are lovely in bloom! If they could only stay this way for a bit, FOREVER!

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