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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Roses in bloom

I've told you before about the Abby/Julie friendship rose garden, but last year it simply didn't do much to brag about. This year however, it is stunning! Well, for me it is. I never got roses to do this well, except for the Rosa Rogosas which can barely be contained let alone killed.
 I think what did it was the copious amounts of compost I used for filling in the missing soil in this flower bed. You see, it wasn't always a rose garden. It was only after receiving the gift of several roses from Wooly Acres that I started this one. Actually I converted it from a shrubby sort of bed. The main thing in it was an over-large and constantly increasing in size yellow-twig dogwood. The dodwwod had to go and with it went most of the soil. Hence why I needed the compost as filler. That plant was surrounded by several perennials, but the bed lacked direction. Now it has direction, but it has a very poor leader. That leader would be me.

Now that the roses have really come into their own, and Tommy bought me a few more to round out the collection, I can start removing the extra stuff I had in there and then I will truly have a rose garden. What stuff? There are two tree peonies, one yellow and one magenta and several of the herbaceous kind, a hybrid daylily, an iris a tiny burning bush which always gets abused by our local rabbit so it never gets anywhere, a patch of Rudbeckias, several Scabiosa Butterfly blue and yellow, a wild flower whose name I never knew, but I liked it so much I kept it there and a few dozen daffodils so there will be some color in early spring.

The daffodils would be the only things I'm willing to leave with the roses if I truly want to make it just a rose garden. Not sure it will happen though. I would have to find new homes for the peonies. OY!

You know what? I do believe I'm running out of room. Can I start planting in your yard?


  1. You can plant in our yard as long as you also do the weeding. Plant something good for the chickens will you?

  2. Hmm, I don't know what would be good for chickens. I'll have to ask Julie.

  3. They will happily eat whatever is your most prized, most expensive plant!


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