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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet Williams

I do love my Sweet Williams! They have a nice clove-like scent, just like carnations. Well, they would being from the same Dianthus family. Sweet Williams are botanically Dianthus babatus to be exact. They are a super easy to grow biennial, but they act more like a self seeding annual or a prolific, short lived perennial.

They make about a zillion seeds and drop them all over the place, which is fine with me. I never can tell where I'll find them from year to year, but they are always welcome, unless it's in a walkway. Then it's out they go!

It is clear to see  butterflies like them, too. This butterfly hovered about them for a long time going from one flower to another. It didn't seem to get enough of them. Well, neither can I.

I'll have to collect the seeds this year and place them somewhere that is not overtaken by weeds!

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