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Friday, June 3, 2011

Tyler's quilt

This is the one quilt I made which I hadn't been able to show you before because Tyler moved out of our house and took it with him. Well, he should have taken it as it was made for him. So, how do I have the opportunity to show you now? He came back home to kitty-sit the cats when we went on vacation and he brought it with him.
He's starting to remind me of Linus from the Charlie Brown comics. Tyler drags around this thing EVERYWHERE. His friends tease him about it, too, but since he's about the size of a fullback, they don't tease him too much!

What can I say? The fact is he loves this blanket. So much so that it's in tatters. I couldn't believe the amount of damage he had done to this quilt. It was worse than the damage on Justin's quilt! Okay, maybe not that bad. Tyler didn't blame the damage on the cats, however.

This was such an easy quilt to make. I made the blocks extra large all by machine so I would have to make less of them to have it the right size and to finish it quicker. Tyler was just as eager to have his own quilt as Justin was. Go figure! I made it with some of the same blue prints I used for both Alexis' star-light quilt and Brandon's 9-patch-3 bar quilt.

I should tell you I totally went against the rules making these. Rules were meant to be broken, I know, but when I told my friend Evey (She's the one that taught me how to quilt and got me hooked!) that I wasn't going to use the traditional white or cream colored muslin for the contrast fabric, she looked aghast.

"But- but- but, you have to!" she said. Obviously not! I used a very pale blue fabric instead and I thought they turned out rather well, if I do say so myself. Well, the kids like them--maybe a bit too much-- and that's all that counts.

So, will I get to fix Tyler's quilt as I did with Justin's? Well, no. Tyler went back home and he took it with him...just like Linus would.


  1. I do understand their attachment. It is something personal to them that their mom made specially for them. There is no value you can put on something like that. It's priceless.


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