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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wacky weather revisited

Maybe not this bad in June...maybe
I didn't really want to do this but I felt I had to. I just don't think you can truly appreciate how wacky our Pocono weather is, so, I thought I'd tell you exactly how wacky.

Over the Memorial day weekend temperatures got way above what one would expect in  these here mountains. We had high 80s for a few days in a row  with loads of sun which was wonderful to dry us out. For about three weeks before that we had almost solid rain... really! It rained continually for well over three weeks. My yard is still sopping wet from all that rain, but those few days of no rain, tons of sun and warm temperatures dried it up some, not all, but some.

That was just a few days ago now. So, I'm listening to the weather report and the guy says it's going to cool down some. So, one day I'm sweltering in the sun with temps close to 90 while I'm yanking weeds and the very next day, it's windy as can be (I lost my sun hat a few times!) and it was barely into the 60s. Well, that is cooling down some. But then I wake up the next morning and it's 35 outside. 35 degrees in June! Tell me that's not wacky as all heck!
Ah, summer...for as long as it lasts!

So, now will you believe me when I say we have wacked-out weather in the Poconos? I hope so. At least we don't get tornadoes...well, not much anyway. We're not due for one for another 45 or so years.


  1. I well know how wacky the weather can be having spent a lot of time with my grandmother who lived in Scranton. I loved seeing the coal mine fires reflecting off the surrounding snow. Also trying to guess what house in the neighborhood was going to sink into the ground due to a collapsed mine tunnel.

  2. I haven't heard that happening in Scranton at least not since we've been here in PA, but Allentown is notorious for them. Can you imagine having you house sink into the ground? I can't!


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