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Friday, June 10, 2011

Walk at Longwood

When we went down to Quakertown for a funeral, Tom wanted to take a side trip to Longwood. It had been the first real day off for him in quite a while--three-four weeks-- so, he wanted to hang out and do something enjoyable before heading back home. So, Longwood Botanical is was!

We went to the Italian garden which is quite a lovely cool spot after having to endure rather warm temperatures. The combination of the spraying water and the large shade trees made it a nice respite.

This time we went to the bog garden which leads to the meadow. This way we found what Tom called Skunk cabbage. I thought it looked nice but didn't think it wise to touch it since it's supposed to stink like a ...well, you know.

There are catfish here which always surface for a handout. You can usually see turtles sunning themselves on fallen logs and water foul of some sort or another

Our walk to us to the clarion tower. Such a pretty sight!

We went into the conservatory of course and saw other things than just their Lily-topia celebration.

Tom loves the espalier nectarine trees. They had the usual tons of fruit on them and looked wonderful.

The bonsai trees were blooming! Some of them anyway. These trees are upwards of 50-75 years old. Can you imagine?

We especially liked the Pomegranate tree. Last year it had one fruit on it too. Wonder if anyone got to eat it?

The orchid room was rather lackluster after lily-topia but still worth a glance.

 Mountain laurel was hiding among the rhododendron by the Pierce House. I adore those pretty flower clusters.
We visited one of the five treehouses at Longwood and found an active beehive. Where there's bees, there's honey so I'm thinking Pooh bear can't be too far away. By this time in our walk it was late enough that we heard the orchestra which was giving a concert start to warm up so we spread out a blanket and rested under a tulip poplar and behind a huge stand of Rhodos. Tom even fell asleep --Well, it wasn't the Who playing, you know--while I stared up at the bluest sky ever. Boy, it was a nice day to be outside.

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