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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weed wars on the driveway

Junipers to the right
So, I hear Tom complain that the weeds are getting a bit out of hand on the driveway. By this I thought he didn't actually mean weeds growing on the driveway, but along the driveway on either side. The driveway is bordered on one side by my Daylily hill and on the other by the Juniper hill. Unfortunately, the Junipers are not nearly as good at keeping down the weeds as are the daylilies so it is a bit, shall we say, weedy.

The daylilies are so prolific they are the ones becoming the weeds along one side of the driveway. They actually break through the blacktop and I constantly have to yank them out. OY! Like I don't have enough weeds to pull?
Daylilies to the left
Anyway, back to the driveway. As it turned out, Tom really did mean weeds growing on the driveway, in the water run we had built to force the rain water away from the house and toward the pond. Why and how they grow there is anyone's guess! Well, I can guess. When it rains enough, which it's been doing almost nothing but this past month, soil seems to go along with the rain and gets deposited right there in the ditch, and guess where weeds love to grow best? Why, where you don't want them, of course!

Weeds at the end
So, here is some of the weeds I had to pull out of the ditch. Some of them were really rooted in but others were only on the surface and came out easy enough. This pretty Buttercup I almost didn't want to move. It looked nice to me. Yeah, I know what you're saying right now, "Get a grip, Glory! It's a weed!"  All right, all right, I yanked it out. Are you happy?


  1. Next time your pulling weeds let me know and I'll come and help since I can't tell the difference between flowers and weeds. LOLOL

  2. But then you'll yank everything out and I'll end up with barren territory! Thanks, but I'll do it myself. Tom's under strict orders not to pull anything before consulting works fine for me. :-)


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