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Thursday, June 2, 2011

What odd things grow in Upstate NY!

So, I get this email from my friend Jim Bessey, (He's also that dude over at Just Camping, a blog for avid camping enthusiasts, just in case you wanted to know) and he says, "Betcha you don't have what I have growing in my backyard."

Well, that sounded rather smug to me and a bit like a challenge! --Yes, I can plainly hear smugness even in emails!-- "You mean other than the seeds from your Phlox paniculata you promised me last year which you still haven't sent me?" I said.

That's when he told me the seeds were on his workbench with my name clearly printed in bold ink, which does me no good whatsoever! But I digress.

"You think you have something growing in your yard that I can't grow in mine???" I said, quite indignant. So, I say, "Do tell, Jim! What do you have in your garden that I don't." And this is what he sent me...
 He has Bambi growing in his backyard! WOW-EE!

 He told me he found this cutie as they were working in their backyard. "We must have passed by him a dozen times before we saw him!" he said.

And there was the tiny fawn sitting among the Lily-of-the-Valley and other sundry plants.

Once they did see him, they grabbed the camera. Jim may be a darn good  tile guy, (in case you didn't know) and a procrastinator --I am still awaiting those seeds!-- but he ain't no dummy! He knows a good photo opportunity when he sees one.

The fawn wandered around a bit allowing them plenty of time for pictures.
The odd thing was the fawn wasn't the slightest bit afraid of them, Jim told me. That is weird, indeed! I recall coming upon a fawn once and it was all a-quiver when we tried to get him to go back to his mama, who had bolted across the street at the approach of the car.
What a perfect gift from Mother nature! Well, Jim, you have a right to your smugness. That is a darling to have growing in your backyard. I know I couldn't do as well.

Bravo, Jimmy-boy! Thanks so much for the pictures!


  1. Great pictures. We don't have Bambi, we get Bambi's mom. She used to love of veggie garden and we put up a 4 foot fence thinking she didn't have enough space to take a running jump to get over the fence since the garden is between our back fence and house. Well now the fence is 6 feet tall. Needless to say Bambi's mom doesn't live her anymore.

  2. Deer are incredible jumpers! If they are around they are going to hang around...unless you have a mean old dog to chase them away!

  3. What a wonderful article! When we lived in the Springwater hills in NY, we watched deer grazing in our driveway but we never grew one. I want a Bambi for my lawn in Florida. Keep up the great writing.

  4. What a wonderful article! When we lived in the hills of Springwater, NY we watched deer grazing in our driveway but we never grew one. I want a Bambi for my lawn in Florida. Keep up the great writing!

  5. That's just too darn cute! What great pics you have here - Jim and Glory!

  6. Great job with this post, Glory! You make me feel like I was there. Oh, I was! What a little doll that fawn was, and mama was nowhere in sight.

    We have a roving pack of coyotes very nearby. Hope mama came back to smack some Afraid into Bambi. Seriously. Haven't seen him since; hope he's ok!

  7. Jimmy! You shouldn't tell me such things. Now I'll be worrying about Bambi all night! And where are my seeds???? Oh, yeah, on your workbench. Does me loads of good there. ~grumble~


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