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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where o where has my mulch gone?

I spent almost an entire week weeding the Juniper hill beside the driveway. The weeds went into the compost pile by way of my garden cart pulled by the lawn tractor. It took several trips. Had I not had use of my nifty little tractor I'd be one tired girl! Weeds can be heavy...for me anyway. That would be because I take them up with lots of soil to ensure I get most of the roots.

So, I'm looking at my nice weed-free spot and wish the lumber mill in town had not burned to the ground two years ago. That was the end for my relatively weed free yard, you know. I used to get practically free bark mulch for all my gardens, you see and now...I got nothing!

It's not that I can't get some at the four garden centers we have in town or even the Lowes or Home Depot over in Honesdale or Scranton, but I would go broke buying it from them. They sell them in tiny ten-twenty pound bags. Do you have a clue how many of those I would need just for one of my garden beds? Niether do I.

What I do know is I used to pay $25 for an entire pickup truck bed full of mulch and if I bought that same amount at Lowes it would cost me...well, I just can't count that high...or maybe I just don't want to! Whatever the number, it's too steep a price for me and so my gardens suffer for it....not to mention my weeding hands and my back.

I want my lumber mill!


  1. Thanks for reminding me that I still need to mulch. I hate it, I always get splinters and I use red mulch and will look like I went swimming in cherry kool-aid after I am done.

    Have you looked into other mills in the area?

  2. It's a vicious cycle, April. When there is no house building, there is no demand for wood, no demand for wood, no need for lumber mills. The nearest on is in upstate NY. We could get it shipped but the price would be astronomical! I can't afford that, so I'll use what I have on hand, grass clipping.

    I want to see you after your kool-aide bath! ;-)


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