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Monday, July 18, 2011

Daylilies on parade

My daylilies are putting on quite the show as of late and I thought I'd parade them around for you.

I shouldn't be the only one to enjoy them I figure.

For whatever reason the daylilies are blooming for an extended period of time this year or maybe it just seems that way.

As you can see, they come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sized.

But each and everyone of them is s sight to behold. Perhaps that is solely my opinion.

Of the easiest, no fuss perennial to have in your garden, daylily is my pick.

But if you ask which cultivar...I'd have a heck of a time answering that one!

I just adore each one. It would be like picking my favorite kid!

Not gonna do that!

Hope you like the parade of Daylilies. I know I love just looking at them, but some of them do have an incredible scent.


  1. all ours are well past the bloom stage and they are so ugly when they get to that point. Of course ours are wild ones we picked out from the kudzu and replanted in our garden.

  2. The first bunch of daylilies I had were ones that Tommy dug out from the side of the road. Just this month he saw that they actually grew back and he thought he had gotten them all. I told him he obviously didn't get all the root, which is fine. It's like he hadn't taken them at all.


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