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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dining out in Historic Georgetown

Last time we were in Myrtle Beach, we went to the Buzzard's Roost, a little restaurant by the water in nearby Georgetown. If you actually think Tommy's going to stay in one place during vacation, dream on! Remind me to tell about our "daytrip" to Yosemite Park. Or you could just follow the link and read about it yourself at Helium.
 We actually liked the restaurant--an odd occurrence indeed. We usually try one out and say, "Not bad, but not great," and we never go back again. This one we've been to twice! It's not that we're picky. Just the reverse. We like things simple and most places are just too high-folutin' for us. Comes with being frugal I guess.
 So, the Buzzard's Roost has an upper deck which overlooks the canal.This is the boardwalk with little bridge-ways to apartments, stores, shops, bars and other restaurants. In years past this didn't look quite as nice as it does now. Georgetown has been revitalized and has gone through some good renovation projects. Loads of history here, too. It's worth it to come here just to walk around and read all the National Park plaques which are scattered about the rather pretty little town.
You can see boats floating by and the occasional fish jumping straight out of the water. The fish down south are such a hoot! "The fish are just so happy to see us that they jump out to greet ya!" Tom says. Not quite sure that's it, but you can never tell with fish!

 After our simple meal--I had fish and chips and Tommy had a burger. Well, when you're by the sea water I figure you just have to have fish. No brainer, right? Well, Tom wanted a burger. Turns out he thought it was the best one he ever had. High praise indeed coming from him!

 After dinner we strolled around and found this lovely fountain which provided a bit of cooling respite. I was melting in the heat and humidity. Funny, but when I'm home gardening in this sort of weather, it doesn't bother me much at all, but walking about at our leisure just about killed me. I'm so darn weird, it's not even funny!

Dining out in Georgetown with the Lennons... not for the faint of heart....or maybe it is. What do I know?

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