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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy birthday to Alexis! (and Harry Potter and JK Rowling, too.)

Me and my mom. I'm the one with the Alexis belly.
Several years ago today--no, I'm not saying exactly how many...just makes me feel that much older!-- my daughter Alexis Veronica was born, 8lbs, 4 oz and 19 inches of adorable-ness.
3 days old Alexis

Lexi in her punk hair stage. It just wouldn't go down! Just like Harry Potter come to think of it!

Back in the day of the walker. I made that goofy hat too.

Alexis at 9 months taking her first steps. She accomplished all her "firsts" way ahead of time.

My first attempt at a pinata for Lexi's first birthday party. She seemed to like it, but it took a tough boy of about 7 years old (my cousin Richie) to actually get it open.

On our first trip to Niagara falls we stopped here to cool our feet.
Lexi decided the dog was lonely and brought her blanket to sleep with her. Breezy didn't much care for this notion.

Alexis loved feeding the ducks

Totally a daddy's girl, in case you couldn't tell.

Our first visit to Clearwater, Florida to see Grandma and grandpa.

First day of High school. Yikes!
She had her pouty moments now and again especially after she turned 14 years old.

She liked being the big sister.

Fun at Disney world

Another trip to Niagara Falls. A ride on the Maid of the Mist. Alexis was already on her way to being  a surly teenager. Ah well.

Alexis was quite the athlete.

Alexis in the front yard with my mom
Alexis wins a softball tournament at age 10. Just the beginning for a fine career in sports.

Field hockey during middle school and she played soccer too.

Happy birthday, Alexis. I wish you the best always. Love my girl.


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family stories. You are indeed blessed.

  2. Happy birthday to Alexis. I liked her as a baby punker, very cute. Mom has changed over the years too.

  3. Old photos are so cool! Everyone says they hate them but they serve to chronicle a family life lived together. Happy Birthday, Alexis! Hey, was that a tennis racquet I saw in her hand? :-)

  4. Yes, it was, Diane. Alexis would try any sport and usually excel at it in no time. Thanks to all.


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