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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July holiday

The first week of July we always take a week off to go somewhere. You see if Tommy stays home, he works. Stay-cations are not for us. So, away we must go!
 Where did we go this time? Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It's a happy haunt of ours, but it has been getting much more crowded and busy of late.

Still, we can find the secluded and not-often-traveled places to sneak into.
 This "preserved" rice plantation was one of them. Here Tom's reading about the building which once stood here. This always saddens Tommy. "Why would they let it get so bad that it falls apart?" he says.

At least some parts of it remain. The fireplace looks sturdy and ready to use and I really like that zig-zag fence. That reminds me of one of my favorite photographers and fellow Heliumite April May Maple who happened to post a picture of her own zig-zag fence on her picture-book blog. You ought to check it out.

Me in a field of's like being home only without the garden gloves! ;-)
There's the Plantation house or mansion as they called it. Tommy likes to think of himself as lord of the manor. I suppose that make me his lady.

Even from the back, it's an impressive dwelling. I wouldn't be ashamed of living here.
I loved the wide porch with the rocking chairs. Those southern Lords and Ladies really knew how to live. Too bad it was at the expense of holding slaves.


  1. So when are you and Tommy moving in? You look right at home there.

    You need to vacation on the NC Outer Banks in the off season. After Labor Day and before Independence Day. You can not beat the wide open beaches and if you get out in the National Park beaches you won't see a soul and can walk for hours. We have visit SC and NC beaches and I was stationed in Charleston, SC for 4 years and you just can't beat the NC Outer Banks. When I say Outer Banks I am talking Hatteras Island and Ocracroke, NOT Nags Head and Kitty Hawk and north.

    Also you can get a real good deal on renting beach houses in the off season.

  2. We've been to the outer banks and loved it! It was last July if I'm not mistaken. We did go to the Wright brother's museum which we loved too! We had a time share condo right on the beach. I could hear the waves as I slept. Oh, it was lovely! We plan on going back too!

  3. I agree, those sta-cations end up being nothing but work! We are hoping to get to some Lake Michigan and Lake Superior shorelines before the summer ends. I would LOVE to sit on those old porches sipping some sweet tea. lol
    'hugs from afar'

  4. I agree. I hope you get your day or two at the shoreline, Cher!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful vacation..great PICS too..ya gotta love those mansions and zigzag fences. I knew don't sleep much !! your post was at 4:00 AM LOL

  6. Funny lady, Olivia. While I was actually awake this morning at 4am (insomnia has been pretty bad for 2 weeks now and Tommy was up to get to work) I schedule all my garden posts about a week in advance and they post automatically at 4am every morning. I went back to sleep after Tommy left. ;-)


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