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Friday, July 22, 2011

More brutal pruning

This is one of my Trumpet vines. This is a yellow flowering variety (I have orange ones, too). It is currently blocking the stairs which go down to my defunct greenhouse alongside the driveway and my daylily hill. Recall if you will that a nasty winter coupled with a freak hail storm pretty much destroyed the greenhouse. That's why I call it defunct, but I digress.
There is supposed to be a staircase in there somewhere!

While I was away, the vines did what they do best...take over! Man-o-man, turn your back for a week and they go bonkers, growing like mad until you feel like Jane in the jungle. Well, I know I do anyway.

Ordinarily I'm not one to prune much, especially when things are just blooming and insects of all description are buzzing happily about the flowers, but I do kinda have to get to the greenhouse on occasion. So, out came the clippers. I'll admit I was brutal. Had to be! I almost killed myself going through that tangled mess and that wouldn't do. A dead gardener is no use to anyone!
There now, that's much better, but I'm not at all thinking it will stay like this for long. There's still a month and a half of growing season left to this summer. (YIKES! Is that all???)  I'll have to get the pruners out for some major chopping all over again.

There are a couple of snipped ash trees in here too.

Nice stack of clippings for the compost pile. Not that there is room in it anymore. It's way over my head now. I may have to start another one. No big problem. That just means more compost for me to use next year. Unless Mac Pike steals it from me. He swears it wasn't him doing the stealing, but I'm not at all convinced. His garden looks too darn good, in my opinion. I just don't recall using so much of it, so I'm sure someone took it. Again I digress. My apologies.

Let this be a lesson for you vine growers (Julie of Wooly acres, this means you who begged me for several trumpet vines last year and is currently awaiting a delivery from me of wisteria vines. I swear this woman is a glutton for punishment!) Keep the clippers sharp. You'll need them!


  1. Love your gardening enthusiasm. Makes me see how much outdoor fun I'm missing.

  2. Do you have anything left now to trim, prune or weed? If your running out you are always welcome here. Well your welcome even if you don't want to weed or prune anything. LOL

  3. Are you kidding??? I still have the Honeysuckle hedge to trim, the grass to cut, the lily field out back to weed and...well, it goes on and on and with the weather so hot, I can't do much without feeling utterly exhausted within minutes. The cool down's coming quicker than I want though so... no worries. Thanks for the invite, Dan!

  4. Tell me about the heat. I guess the whole country is suffering these days. Today it was 82 degrees when the sun came up. We are sure not used to that at all. My chickens hate it too. They spend most of the day underneath the shed and on the far side after 2 when that side gets shady. Yesterday I cut the grass and was a shopping mess when I got done at 10.


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