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Monday, July 11, 2011

Overgrown Rhodos

This my path to nowhere...really, it leads to the end and that's where to go from there. Still, it's a useful path for weeding the "white" bed. At least it was. Now it's been closing in. The Rhodos are dangerously overgrown over their barrier and have flopped over onto the walkway. Time for major pruning.

Where to begin? Well, I started at the other end and just started clipping. As I did so I kept hoping it wouldn't look bald. I needn't have worried.

First I took a look and found loads of dead branches. They would have to go first. But what should I find hiding within the Rhodos but a Yoshino cherry tree!

There's the baby tree, pretty as can be. I thought of just tossing it with the dead branches, but something about the easy way it came out gave me pause. It obviously trusted me to care for it.

Yoshino trees pop up everywhere! I have so many of them, many potted up and awaiting some caring person to take them, but I'm seriously running out of room. This one could have easily gone into the compost pile, but...well, I pulled this one out and planted it straight away. It now resides in Tommy's Arboretum.
I found this viburnum too. I simply can't get rid of them. I have a few large ones in a "natural area" because the birds love to eat the berries. My feathered friends also like to drop seeds all over, so I have to pull baby viburnums out of all sorts of fertile places. My Rhodo patch is super fertile, in case you didn't know.
 They sit just under a maple and an ash tree, both of which drop tons of leaves right on top. Perfect mulch for Rhodos. They thrive in it with no help from me.

There now, I have my path back and the Rhodos don't look none the worse for their brutal pruning. Now to clean up!


  1. Looks great. And a nice little surprise for you labor. Though I have no clue what a Yoshino cherry tree is. Does it actually get cherries?

  2. I've talked about Yoshino cherry trees often. Do a search on Glory's garden and you'll find out more than you need know about the Yoshino Ornamental cherry tree. The "cherries" are just for the birds but the trees are beautiful!

  3. I did but no where did it say anything about the cherries that grow on it. I could have goggled it but it was just a question that popped into my pea brain while reading the post. I did read that you got it from the Arbor Foundation and we have 2 Washington Hawthorns and a Golden Train tree and several others from there. We planted them in a garden for a year to get them started and then moved them into the yard where we wanted them.

  4. You mean golden Chain tree. Mine never did survive here. Must be too cold for them. The Yoshino is the same tree you see all over Washington DC during cherry blossom time. The berries are not edible except for birds, but the tree is lovely in spring when it's blooming.


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