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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sandy's peony problem

A while back, a couple of years it seems, I gave a bunch of plants to a friend who was just starting to landscape around her new home. I brought over all sorts of things. Tom even planted a huge Lilac on the side of the house for Sandy. She was thrilled!

However, just the other day she sends me this note on Facebook:

Glory this is about the peonies ( herbacious) kind you gave me 2 years ago. Well, last year they didn't come up and I thought they were a goner. To my surprise while weeding this year I found them coming up. What a nice surprise. Can't wait to see the blooms. My soil is so poor, even with fertilizer no bloom.  Any suggestions or know of a good place to order a ton of soil? Thanks Glor 

I replied thus:
 I'm not surprised it took that long to find its place. I did dig it up at a good time for planting, but I think it may have gone a bit dormant because you took a bit of time to replant it. They can be finicky like that. But it did come back so that is good. It is probably still establishing itself so blooming should start next spring or possibly the next if your soil is very poor.
 I have the same soil as you, but over the years with loads of mulching, I've actually improved the soil substantially. So, that's where I think you should start. Mulching on top of the soil and around plants will improve the soil. Good top soil around here? Doesn't exist. Compost and incorporating chopped up leaves and grass clipping tilled into the soil help tons. too. 
I also should have mentioned the perennial's creed: First year sleep, second year creep and third year leap. By this adage the peony should grow heartily next spring.

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