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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Someone's been eating my hibiscus leaves!

What should I see but holes in a hibiscus leaf and all I want to know is who's the culprit? Who's been eating my leaves?

I didn't see specifically what dreaded bug might be doing this, but then I went into the back forty. There I saw my first Japanese beetle of the year and I groaned aloud. Those are one nasty eating machine of a bug! They will turn my hibiscus into a skeletal mess once a horde of the beetles find them. And there's not much I can do about it.

My Rosa Rugosas seem to attract them, or else it just appears it to me. Oddly enough the Japanese beetles won't eat the rugosas. They just kind of congregate there and socialize. Yes, socialize! It's like looking for Mr. Goodbar all over my roses! They even look intoxicated, crawling all over each other to get...let's just say, get it on.

Time to put out the traps I suppose. *sigh* I really dislike Japanese beetles.


  1. Circle the wagons, Glory. I mean, the garlic, chives, catnip and rue. Several websites suggest using these on the perimeter of your garden(s) to repel those nasty critters.

    Personally, I think the garlic and chives would be a great addition. Trim the chives each time you mow the lawn--what a wonderful aroma!

  2. That's a heck of a lot of perimeter to circle though. Mint I don't mind in the lawn but chive? That just makes me hungry! LOL

  3. The only way to get rid of Japanese Beetles is to control the grubs. Grub Control before the emerge a short term solution (1 year) and is part of an effective treatment. Meanwhile Milky Spore all over your property is the long term solution. Milky Spore takes a long time to establish itself but once it does it will last 10 years. Milky Spore is a very effective way to control grubs. Grubs attract moles and voles. Get rid of the grubs and you will never have a problem with either of those critters.

    It really doesn't matter what you put around your gardens as far as plants go. The beetles will just look for something else to eat. They prefer soft leaves.

  4. True, Dan, I've used that before and it does help quite a bit. Unfortunately, not everyone in the neighborhood does this, so the bugs come from elsewhere and do their nasty damage here in my yard where the going is good.

  5. The little buggers can travel up to five miles if they can't find a food source. Start giving all your neighbors hibiscus, lots of them.


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