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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vines gone wild!

This Bougainvillea has indeed gone wild. We saw this at the entrance of the Edison/Ford estate and had to take a picture.

I thought it might remind me not to complain too much about my own vines. After all, none of my vines have gone this wild, nor are they as pretty.

Yes, I'm crazy enough to take a Bougainvillea. I would in a heart beat.


  1. Indeed! It's practically a tree!

  2. I know you say you are short, but there is no mistaking vines gone wild!

    When I was still renting a townhouse in an apartment complex I was so disgusted with lack of green space, I planted some weird vines along the back patio in the crack between the concrete and the wooden fence.

    I can't remember what I planted, but by the time I was moving out they had taken over and went onto the neighbor's patio. Oh, and they had enveloped my table and chairs as well. I had to bring in a man with a machete to clean it all up before moving. I had forgotten about that until I saw this. :)

  3. Wow, Alex! I love vines but they can so quickly get way out of hand. I would love to know what your vine was. Can you describe the leaves or if it had flowers?

  4. Yes, it had flowers and they were purple and white. The flowers were kinda big but not huge and the petals were sort of round. It only took the vines a couple of months to get that big.

    Since I had fallen ill I had no idea until I moved out. So, they grew on their own without me watering them. It was like something out of a horror movie. They were choking the cacti that belonged to the poor Hispanic's next door. I am surprised they never complained to me.

  5. LOL...Sounds like a Passion flower vine. I wouldn't complain either. Those are very pretty!


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