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Saturday, July 23, 2011

What? No beach???

Kinda weird, but we didn't take any pictures of us at the beach. We did go to walk in the sand though, just not with the camera in hand. No swimming. The waves were a bit to scary for me and the memory of almost drowning in Puerto Rico last spring was a bit too vivid still. Oh, and did I mention all the baby sand sharks the fishing guys at the peer were regularly pulling out of the water within swimming (and shark attack) distance?

Let's just say I liked walking about and looking onto the marsh well out of range of sharp teeth...even if I did have to squint. Boy, was it sunny! I forgot my sunglasses and my sunhat...genius I am.

I kept telling Tom, "Let me put sunscreen on you," but he waved me off. "I'm okay for a while." he said. Ten minutes later he complains his neck is getting warm. Beat him up, is what I should do!
So, no, we didn't stay out in that brutal South Carolina sun for too long.

This was on the forth of July. We were told the fireworks would be all along the marsh and on the beach. They weren't kidding! Only at Walt Disney world's millenium fireworks show did we see more fireworks all at once.
Tom tried taking pictures of the fireworks but alas, they didn't come out very well.
You can just make out some lights in the distance. I always say they are only good in person...if you like them anyway.
We went to the very blustery peer to watch the fireworks while a southern rock band played every single  Lynyrd Skynyrd song they knew which was way too much! We decided we need never hear another Lynyrd Skynyrd song EVER!

Our hair looked rather funky from the wild wind blowing that night. Tom tried getting me drunk, too (I think he wanted to get lucky later) He got me some frozen fruity thing. It just made me dizzy and wish I never had to drink another one!

Yes, I'm quite the dull girl. Get used to it!


  1. Tom is lucky all the time to have you. We need to party with you guys. LOL I spent 20 years in the Navy and had my share of drink. It seems when I retired I also retired from alcohol. 1-2 drinks and I have a hangover started before I even get to the dizzy stage. Beth can out drink me. She can drink 3 glasses of wine before she gets to the dizzy stage.

  2. Tom doesn't drink except when he's sneezy...people don't understand me when I say this but beer helps with allergies. I'm currently writing a post for SRW all about it.


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