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Thursday, July 21, 2011

You can have a garden anywhere!

I often talk about my huge garden...well, I'm going to do that since this is called Glory's garden...duh!
But I figured it would be good for those who have no bit of earth to call their own to know that you can have a garden anywhere!

Lovely lavender petunias

I give proof positive with Conny's balcony garden. Another of my Helium buddies, the talented writer Conny Manero, lives in a high-rise apartment building in the heart of Toronto. These are just a few photos of what she can grow on her balcony.
As the sunbeams indicate, Conny has plenty of sun.

Conny's balcony garden consists of annuals, vines, bulbs and cute little gnomes to keep the evil spirits away and just to add a touch of whimsy.

An Asiatic lily, if I'm not mistaken

She has a really nice variety of plants, don't you think?

So much from a tiny plant in a tiny pot!

What is this I see? A rose in a pot! Who would figure?

Such a pretty one too!

Blue and white petunias look quite nice snuggled together.

Goodness, is that what I think it is on the top left corner? A trumpet vine or perhaps a wisteria vine? If it is, Conny will need a bigger balcony! Her upstairs neighbor may find a vine creeping up into his window in a few years. ;-)

Wow, she even has a Thunbergia or perhaps you know it better as the Black-eyed Susan vine. Just lovely and unexpected. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets a visit from a traveling hummingbird!

With a balcony full to this extent, who needs a yard?

See? Didn't I tell you you don't need much space nor do you need to own tons of property to have a perfectly lovely garden. Conny's balcony garden proves it!
Conny Manero is an accomplished author of several novels one of which she has devoted to "Saving the Kitties!"  and she writes about everyday life in her blog Under the Toronto Sun.   Even her cats have their own blog Feline Corner.


  1. Love the photos and the idea of having a garden anywhere, Glory! I've posted you on my FB page so all can see this!

  2. It's great to create a little bit of heaven anywhere. I can imagine it's a great place to sit when it's in the shade and observe the city around her.

  3. She does indeed enjoy it. Next two months she will have guest posts telling us about it, so, hold on for that.

  4. Glory you did an amazing job here. Thank you so much for showing my bit of a garden and creating all those links to my works.

  5. Great photos that prove when a green thumb wants to flourish, it will find a way. Nicely done, Glory and Conny. :-)

  6. Really cool, Conny! You have a beautiful garden, my friend!


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