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Sunday, July 3, 2011

You know what this means?

Look what I found! Robin's egg blue, so of course you know what this means, right? It's a tiny piece of evidence that I have a robin nesting nearby.
I think I know where. Well, sort of. I found this half egg shell on the back driveway which leads to the pole barn. It was right by the Honeysuckle hedge. That was the same hedge where I found a nest last year. Putting two and two together I'd say there may be another nest in the honeysuckle.

That's just a guess and I won't be looking for it yet. Not until the fledglings have left. Disturbing a nest is not a good idea. The birds might freak out and jump out too early, before they can fly and with Baby cat around--a notorious bird killer, the beast!-- I'll wait until fall.

But it is nice to know there is a nest full of blue egg shells and chirping baby robins.

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