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Monday, August 15, 2011

Chasing baby deer

So, there I was washing dishes when I chance to look up and see a deer up on the sand mound, just beyond the back yard. Closely following the deer was her baby! Off I go and so did they! I grab my camera and chase the deer hoping for a good picture. Don't you know, it ain't so easy chasing deer, especially when they are on to you.

I went around the pole barn and spotted them...well, more like they spotted me and they took off again. So I went around the other way hoping to catch them as they would enter Tom's side yard arboretum. They saw me there too and they took off. Now they were in the front arboretum and there's no seeing them in there. Those trees are so big now their branches are touching, so it looks like one big forest. Perfect for the deer to hide in, yes, but not so good when I want a picture of them.

So, I gave up and a few days later, when I tell Tommy I want a picture of a fawn that keeps walking around our yard with his mom, he decides to do it for me. But the deer that Tommy saw had twins! He got the picture no problem. Why weren't the deer afraid of him?

He had a better camera which got the zoom in much better than mine could and he didn't have to get off the porch! They would, however, be very afraid of a mad gardener chasing them around. Of course, I usually chase them to stop them from eating all my plants, not to catch them on photo. I guess they know me.

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