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Friday, August 19, 2011

Collecting seeds, Zebrina style

You may already know Zebrina, the great and former mouser supreme. She had another talent I never told you about. She used to collect seeds like a pro...well, sort of.

You see, when she was out and about on mousing/moling duty she would invariably come back home, with a mouse or mole obviously, but also with a collection of seeds. No, she did not have the seeds neatly tucked into a clearly labeled envelope as I like to do. No, she used a much cruder means of collecting seeds. She used her long Maine Coon fur.

Blimey, but that was not my idea of a good thing. It wasn't good that her fur would get nasty stickers, and burrs stuck there but Zebrina was good at grooming them out all by herself, so that really wasn't the problem. Just her bringing the seeds into my garden was the real trouble. Well, it wasn't as if she was bringing me coveted seeds from a botanical garden, now was she? NO, they were weed seeds and plenty of them. YIKES!

So, wouldn't you know it, I started doing exactly as Zebrina. I was unwittingly collected seeds, nasty weed seeds! How? Just by walking in among them while doing the weeding.

Oh, but these are tricky indeed! They stick to you and blast it all, but they aren't the easiest thing to remove. They're like tiny little velcro seeds!

I wasn't sure if they were safe either. Safe I mean for me to handle without gloves. I can get a rash from almost anything these days and really, I didn't want to risk it so I wore gloves. HA! Was not easy to do with gloves...actually it was virtually impossible. The seeds stuck to the gloves too! I had to use my bare hands and most times only my nails could pull those nasty things off. It took me a haft hour to remove them all and yes, I did have to remove them by hand. Tossing these clothes into the wash with the seeds still stuck would have been a nightmare. You do not want to know how I know this!

That was also the last time I did something as silly as wear those stupid plastic garden clogs, too. Even my socks were full of velcro seeds. I have since apologized to Zebrina for not grooming herself free of weed seeds before coming home after a hunt. I didn't like her bringing me weed seeds, but now I know she really didn't have a choice but to collect seeds this way...I know, because I didn't either!

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