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Monday, August 1, 2011

A forgotten treasure

I've said it before and I'll say it again, nature protects her own best
Look what I found! A hidden and forgotten treasure, it is. This is a little Ginko tree which is getting a more prominent home in Tommy's Arboretum come autumn. These are extremely slow growing trees so I'm sort of glad I forgot it was in the back 40. It grew nicely all on its own, well protected as it was from marauding deer, nibbling rabbits and fierce, unforgiving winter winds.

It's about 3 1/2 feet tall now, not much, but better than the other Ginko we have already in the side yard. Where I got these two trees is anyone's guess. I certainly didn't buy them. Arbor day foundation never had them in their little big book of least not when we were tree shopping some fifteen years ago.

I'm rather certain I got these trees because I asked for autumn leaves from one of Tom's friends, one who lived on the mainline near Philly. He was glad to be rid of them. He had huge beech trees on his tiny property and had to pay to get tons and tons of leaves picked up by the city's waste management crew, after he spent many hours raking them up. I wanted them to mulch my rose bed. Tom was going to pick them up (appropriately enough in his pickup truck) He would get as many huge bags as they could get together for us, on one of his many trips past their home. Win-win situation there. Tom's pal gets rid of leaves for free and I get my mulch for free. Love when that happens!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure there were ginko seeds and beech tree seeds in with those leaves. Well, that's my theory. I don't suppose it's likely little elves came to the garden to plant a few ginko trees for me so...

This is a full size Ginko I saw during my spring walk in Milford. No, the one I have is tiny.

There's my baby Ginko out in the side field...Tommy's extended arboretum. It's even smaller than the other one! Not more then  two feet tall...the poor thing. Perhaps they'll encourage each other to grow. We can hope anyway!

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