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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If they could only listen...

Kids just about kill me. If they would only listen then maybe things wouldn't go so screwy for them.
No, she never listened, not even at this age

Case in point: My darling daughter calls up and asks what she can do with the rest of her cilantro. She made salsa but, "What else is it good for?"

 Hello! Has this kid ever eaten at my house??? I tell her she can add them to anything Mexican and/or Dominican. Then she asks how to make Dominican beans, but "make it quick, Mom, I don't have much time."

This is when I sigh and just tell her to go to Glory's Garden in the kitchen. She'll find the recipe there. "Oh, okay. Thanks, Mom," she says and off she goes. I can only imagine what disaster she will create on her own. She once blew up a pot just boiling water for spaghetti. OY!
Sports was an useful endeavor

Now, this wouldn't have happened, this complete inexperience in the kitchen if she had only watched me one of a few thousand times while I was cooking. I had asked several dozen times for her to join me in the hope she would learn, after all. She might have already known what cilantro was used in and even how to make my delicious beans and rice which she used to LOVE. But no, she had better things to do... like...uh...I couldn't tell you. My daughter used to spend a lot of time doing things like watching TV, painting her nails and flipping endlessly through useless magazines.

My Aunt Thelma with Alexis
I never quite understood this. How could you stand yourself doing nothing all day?

Perhaps I should say NOT doing useful things... like learning how to cook because---this may come as a shock to some of you, so hold on to your seats (I'm sure it came to a shock to Alexis)-- you may have to, one day, eventually go out on your own and actually feed yourself. DUH!

If only they would listen...


  1. I must be dumber than a box of rocks cause reading your article I had no clue what cilantro was. I do now cause I Googled it. I even saw a website dedicated to I Hate Cilantro which seemed odd. I guess it's inherent in the scheme of things to not want our parent's wisdom till we need it when we get older. Hey, at least she called you.

  2. It is an acquired taste so I can see people not liking the taste of cilantro, AKA Chinese parsley.

  3. hahaha... of all the things, this is one rant I cannot make. My kids, 10 & 8, love to cook. Josh even took down the recipe last week for a beef dish that I make often. Both of them have already learned how to make a lot of basic, everyday meal dishes. I don't like cooking but have to do it. However, with both my kids, they love it. My son's passion is good food, and he watches the Cooking Channel (I don't even know the name. Not interested!!!!) whenever he gets a chance. If you want a good salad made, call Ruth. If you want some good spicy meats cooked call Josh. Except don't ask them to clean their room, or clean up the kitchen after cooking. (LOL.. that would be wishful thinking on my part).

  4. That is fantastic, Mandy! They'll never starve that way! :-)

  5. Glory, I LOVE your posts. I wish I lived closer to you 'cause I would love to know you personally and . . . raid your garden. ;)

    My 3 girls were never interested in cooking, but my son became quite good at it. Two of my daughters married men who LOVE to cook, so husband cooks, wives clean up. It's a system that works for them.

  6. Don't get me wrong, I've also told the boys (I have 3) and only one of them (Brandon's too busy running his own business and Justin has autism for an excuse) has done a great job learning by doing and asking mom occasionally.

    Tyler makes one mean Jalapeno rice! Muy caliente, if you know what I mean! If you can hook up with someone who is willing to feed you, by all means but it still is a good idea to be able to feed yourself! LOL

  7. Glory tell alexsis to mix the last of the cilantro in blender with green peper, onion n garlic and salt frap it up and put in conyainer and in the fridge will keep for months. then when she cooks beans rice chicken, beef, even soup add 1 tblspoon of cilatro mix ( Called sofrito in PR)and it gives it that wonderful latin flair and taste to the food. I put this into pink beans , marrow, white, red pinto garbanzo and any other cooking beans along with cubed up butternut squash and the beans n sauce taste heavenly. You prolly ate the beans in PR like that! Yummy im making some tonight red rice beans and chicken frickase. sandy

  8. Thanks, Sandy, I didn't think of sofrito.

  9. Glory, you need LOTS of chopped fresh cilantro for tomato salsa--red or green, chunky or smooth. Preserve salsa it for winter, watching long movies and those snacks.... This is very good stuff and while you're waiting for spring, ....pass the nachos... ":)

  10. Haha, if my mother was still alive she probably would say some of the same. She gardened, she cooked, and of course I did not appreciate it then but cannot duplicate it.

    I swear, sometimes I think she is looking over my shoulder shaking her head at me. I once burnt a pot boiling water.


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