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Friday, August 5, 2011

New garden shoes and hand-me-ups

So, I got myself a new pair of garden shoes. No, I don't think most people would garden with them but that's what I'm doing with them. I think they were touted as hiking or work shoes, steel-toed or some such. All I saw was the great traction on the soles and the not-so-expensive price tag. $15 wasn't too bad I thought for genuine leather shoes.

It's more than I usually pay which is close to zero. Let me explain. My usual garden apparel, including clothes and shoes, are mostly hand-me-ups. Don't know what a hand-me-up is? Well, it's sort of like a hand-me-down only you're not getting them from an older brother or sister. In my case, I got them from my kids. You see, they all pretty much towered over me and out-weighed me after they were ten years old.

Here you'll see Brandon is about 12, Justin is 10 and Tyler, the baby, is 8. Brandon was already about a foot taller and the two younger ones were exactly my size in height and almost twice my width.

My four big burly boys were tough on their clothes, but they usually out-grew them before wearing them out completely. That was fine with me. They weren't in good enough condition for giving away, but they were plenty good enough for me to wear them in the garden. Same went for their sneakers although, they were pretty much too big for me. I solved that by wearing two pairs of socks which was great for keeping my feet warm in the cool spring days for garden chores.

There's a good reason why Justin calls me "Little Mom". Hey, I wouldn't be my frugal self if I didn't use hand-me-ups.


  1. That's weird, Beth just bought me some black sneakers that were on sale. I told her they were on sale cause no one wears black sneakers with white socks. Except maybe a nerd, Oh I get it, she thinks I'm a nerd.

  2. Love the pics, Glory. My, you are tiny! Love the shoes, too. They're just what I would wear, look so comfortable.

  3. You're mighty resourceful. I like the 'recycling' habit. Really, there's so much that we can use if we are only willing to 'want to use' them. BTW - first time I'm hearing the 'hand-me-up'. Cool way of describing it.


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