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Friday, August 12, 2011

The orchard

I'm going to do something I rarely do...I'm going to talk about my orchard.

I don't much like talking about my orchard. Often times I pretend I don't even have one. Why? Because I have yet to get much of anything from it...well, in the way of fruit. I've gotten loads of frustration and aggravation... don't suppose those count though.

So, imagine my shock and excitement when I go there--the orchard is in a forgotten sort of spot in the yard which no one bothers with much-- and the place is full of fruit!

The apple trees have apples!

The Aprium tree has apriums!

Loads and loads of them!

The hazelnut shrubs--which are dangerously close to being trees now-- are full of leafy nut clusters!

Last year I waited too long and the deer got all but two pathetic little nuts. I'm determined not to allow that to happen again.

The peach trees actually have peaches!

All four or five of them! I lost count.

And by-gosh-by-golly, the plum tree has a bunch of baby sized plums. They looked like overgrown cherries, but I'm not complaining. At least they have something!

You may be wondering why I haven't gotten fruit before this year. The unruly, unpredictable and unmerciful Pocono springs. No, oddly enough, it wasn't the winter. The trees managed to survive those fine...when the rabbits didn't do them in, that is. It was the spring time with those horrible killer late spring frosts and freezes which do the blossoming trees no good at all.

It's quite awful really. The trees bloom pretty as can be, but the weather--guided by that rascal Jack Frost--A pox on him!-- turns and death comes to any chance of my trees getting pollinated and giving forth fruit. How evil t'is the fate of the Pocono fruit tree when Jack comes to town!

But this year, he stayed away! Oh, joy! Oh, rapture! Oh, fruit for me! Which reminds me...I better go pick some before the deer get at them!

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