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Monday, August 8, 2011

Pickeral rush

The pond was looking poorly what with the lack of rain. It was drying up like it usually does in summer. It only took one nice storm, however, for it to fill back up and look at the Pickeral rush blooming! A pretty sight indeed.

It looks nice and lush and really could use a thinning out, just like the waterlilies. Bit reluctant to do that though. Did I say a bit? I meant really, truly, very much so! You see, for the second time in a little over a week, third time in a month, I saw a copperhead snake. They are rather venomous snakes and popular (popular may not be exactly the word. Perhaps common?) in Pennsylvania. They  frequent watering holes such as my lush little pond full of frogs, toads and gold fishies.

Needless to say, unless I get me some hip waders and rubber gloves which go up to my shoulders, I ain't going in there! Not when there's the slightest--nor a not so slight--chance of that slithery thing being in my pond. Creeps me out something fierce just thinking of it!

The duckweed is taking it's time growing. That could be because the gold fish like to eat it. Good thing. If I saw the duckweed moving I would automatically think snake!

You can tell when I see a snake even if you have no clue where I am on my 4 acres--hiding behind the hedges, weeding amongst the tall plants, grabbing some compost out of the pile or where ever else I tend to go-- because I let out a shriek which no doubt raises the dead. Then you'll know where I am. EEEK!


  1. Snakes "ruled" in the No Western part of Pa. In order to take the boys to the pond to swim..We had to walk a sunny path to the pond. I wore hot pants,high boots,and carried a stick.I only looked straight ahead instead of down. The boys made a lot of noise..this was how we scared the snakes away. LOL
    Now in South jersey wouldn't you know they live in a protected sand area near our wet lands. I carry a stick like I did in Pa.LOL

  2. Making noise is the best way to scare them. That stick idea is good too...good enough for Teddy Roosevelt anyway! ;-)


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