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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The power of flowers

Brandon came up to me and casually says, "Do you know a flower called Hibiscus?"

Hibiscus in bloom. Not a good cut flower.
"Yes, intimately," I reply. "Know the huge plants along the walkway in the front of the house? Those are Hibiscus."

He nods his head and mentions his new girlfriend likes them.

"Well, they don't make good cut flowers, but you can take a few to her when they bloom anyway. They may not last long, but it's the thought that counts, I always say."

He didn't seem to like that. At least he made a face that told me this.

"Or you can bring her a plant. I've got tons of them and then she'll have them every year. Better than cut flowers any day," I told him.

"She doesn't have a yard really," he says, then shrugs. "Oh, well."

A few days go by and he asks, "So, do you know something called Hydrangea?"

"Yes. Does Laura like Hydrangeas and you thought she meant Hibiscus?" I ask.

"Uh, I dunno. Do they look different?" he says.

I try not to laugh as I point to the snowball bush in the backyard. "See those fluffy white balls of flowers? That's a white Hydrangea called Annabelle, but I'm almost certain that if she likes hydrangeas she most likely likes the blue ones, the grandefloras. I've tried but can't grow a blue one here. It's too cold."

"Oh, okay," he says as he puts on his shoes ready to leave and go to see Laura.

"Would you like to take some to her? She might like them," I suggested.

"You wouldn't mind?" he asked.

"Of course not! I've got tons of flowers," I said, grabbing the clippers out of the kitchen knife drawer and a huge plastic cup the kids always get at gas stations when they fill up.

He follows me out holding the cup for me and I clip off 4-5 nice big blossoms.

I ask if he'd like some Black-eyed Susans, too. I only have a million of them!

He declines saying these ought to do. We go inside, fill the cup with a bit of water and off he goes.
The next day he's happy as a lark. Seems Laura REALLY liked the flowers.

"Mom, you wouldn't believe it. She was so excited about those silly flowers. She went on and on about how awesome they are. She loved them!" he said.

Well, I wasn't surprised, not one bit. After all, I know the power of flowers.


  1. cute story i know what he means i love hibiscus and hydrangeas but i planted a hydrangea and it didnt di well- never came back this yr i dont know what went wrong .syl

  2. It's tricky here in the Poconos. The hydrangeas they usually sell here don't actually live in our USDA zone 5. You may have bought yours from over in Scranton and it's a zone 6 there, if you can believe it! The few that do make it through the winter may not bloom. They only bloom on the previous year's growth so if it dies down to the ground each year, you get no flowers the next year. I need to look for one which is hardy to zone 4, then it should make it here. When I do, I'll let you know! :-)

  3. That boy has learned a valuable lesson about flower power!


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