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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tiger lily time!

Oh, but I love tiger lily time.

These are just the first few blooming. There will be tons soon enough.

I know that many people call the common daylily Tiger lilies, but that just gets my goat. Okay, so I don't have a goat, but if I did.... anyway...

These tiger lilies grow from bulbs not the tuberous rhizomes the daylily has. Of course that means nothing to most people. They just look at the orange color say, "Just like a tiger" and there ya go! They're all tiger lilies to them.

Woe is me! I've tried to correct this misconception, but alas, it may be a fruitless endeavor.

But no matter. It's nice to look at these flowers, whatever you want to call them. A lily by any other name is still a pretty sight!

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