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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A visit to Wooly Acres

A while back, I got the chance to tag along with Tommy on a work trip and though it was super early in the morning he dropped me off at Wooly Acres for a visit with Julie, my friend from Helium. Lucky for me she didn't have to open her homeschooling supply shop Pennsylvania Curriculum Exchange that Monday morning. Of course, I did kick her out of bed earlier than she would have liked. Okay, her hubby Dave actually did that.

Cutie little Cheerios

Julie showed me around before we went to breakfast. Oh, yes, we went out to breakfast at a Bob Evans restaurant--I had never been there before. She said I was the perfect excuse for going out to breakfast, so we did! And it was yummy.

Julie has goats and sheep, but the sheep get top billing because they do earn a few dollars with those lovely pure white wooly coats. Wooly Acres just sounds nicer than Ninny Goat Fields or something. Of course, Tommy really liked Dingleberry Farm for a name.

One of these goats tried to nibble on me, the silly kid!

This cutie is my favorite, Frankie the bat-boy. I can't believe how big he's grown! He and his twin Fernandez were just born in April, as I recall. I was a tad sad when Julie told me he wasn't going to be with them for long. Such is life for the male offspring on a farm.

Now Frankie looks sad, too. He must have heard us talking.

There were roosters strutting their stuff all over the place. Rather odd that all five eggs Julie hatched this spring were males. Useless if you want eggs.

"Where's the pet carrier I told you to bring?" Julie says to me.

"Why would I need that?" I asked.

"You're taking a rooster or two home with you," she says.

I am??? News to me.

I told her she'd have to convince Tommy of that scheme. Oddly enough, he was okay with it. Of course, he had a plan which involved a clandestine mission to "donate" the feathery beasts to the traveling petting zoo which just so happens to reside down the road from us. Mums the word!

Julie had just caught one of the roosters, with Tommy's help, and was going for the second one. Julie is one devious animal dealer, let me tell ya! How she managed to get Tommy to take them...beyond me!

It started raining as Tommy placed a few plants Julie had for me into the back of his truck.

"So, you came here with plants, and you're going back with more plants? How does that work?" he asks.

Really, he has to ask? How long has this guy known me? Julie had a few Yucca and Rose of Sharon plants for me plus a crazy daisy. Of course I was going to take them home.Why would that surprise Tommy?

It was a good trade. I brought Julie some French Pussy Willows, a few wisteria vines and a Lady's Mantle.

It was a nice trade. It was a nice day and a lovely visit with a most engaging friend. Don't tell Julie, but I'm going back for another visit soon as I can. I just hope I don't have to get her up so early. ;-)


  1. I'm jealous. You got to visit Julie's AND you all went to Bob Evans for breakfast and you all didn't invite me. I'm going to pout all day.

  2. Sorry, Dan, I'm sure she'll invite you up if you promise not to wake her up so early.;-)

  3. Hey, cool post!! Just a little correction-- the goat labeled Poptart is actually Cheerios. Poptart is standing next to Toffee in a later picture. I did try to teach Glory the names of all the sheep too, but they are somewhat similar looking! Thanks for the visit and all the plants, GLory!

  4. See? I knew it was some breakfast item, just didn't remember what!I'll fix it.

  5. Glory, did you really take roosters home with you?

  6. Yes, Alex, I really did...two of them. Ask Julie!


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