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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What happens when you have too much of a good thing

Such is the way of the world when you have too much of a good thing...all at once, that is. It's either feast or famine for the self reliant person unless you have a plan. When you have tons of fruit ripening quicker than you can eat them, you better do something to keep them or you lose them.

I didn't want to do it. Fresh fruit right off the tree is such a thrill! Juicy, yummy and oh-so-perfect, but preserving them is better than nothing. And so I peeled my little Apriums packed them into quart jars, made a very light sugar syrup and...

poured it into the jars. I could have put them in a boiling water bath to preserve them for a more lasting storage, but I figured I would eat them as is in just a few days time.

Look at those pretties! It's rather amazing how many apriums you can pack into three 1-quart jars.

Now if I only had tomatoes to preserve! Perhaps I should get some from Julie at Wooly Acres!


  1. Those Apriums look great! Send some immediately...":) Plums, tomatoes, or other fruit can be dried too, you've heard of sun-dried tomatoes that have that zingy, special taste that is so fabulous on pizza?
    I don't like wasting good produce either. If you have too much garden produce, the folks down at the food banks and soup kitchens are always happy to receive 10 gallons of yellow beans or fresh, ripe tomatoes too. We can't complain about being blessed with "too much" of anything, -not if there's someone to give it to. Just wait for that spaghetti squash...and zucchini...and pumpkins...and a gazillion garlic...


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