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Friday, August 26, 2011

Work trip with Tommy

Tommy had work out on the IslandLong Island, that is, for those of you not from the New York area. We left the house at 4:30am to beat the traffic and to get to Huntington in time to meet the man from Seakeepers for a leak test on a malfunctioning Gryoscopes. Gyroscopes are used for stabilizing yachts out at sea.
Tommy and his toy on the yacht

This place was quite beautiful. Very nice homes surrounded West Side Marina and the boats themselves lining the meticulously kept docks were quite a sight,too. Right across the bay was Teddy Roosevelts house in Sagamore Hills and the lovely Planters arboretum. I could see the pier from where I was. I stayed in Toms truck writingreally was that a surprise to you?
What 2.5 million dollars looks like

After Tom was finished with the leak test, the captain of the boatexcuse me, I should say yacht. When a boat costs 2.5 million dollars you better call it a yacht!brought pizzas for us. Yes, they even included me although I didnt fix anything! So, there we were having pizzafine New York pizza too. If youve never had NY pizza, youll never understandon a 2.5 million dollar yacht. WOW!
The gyroscope with Tommy's leak detector

The 74 foot yacht was brand new and was having several upgrades done to it while we were there, but it was gosh-darn nice as is. Can you imagine having so much money that you could buy this thing and still put more money into it to improve and personalize it and still have enough left over to have a home, presumably one of the super nice ones around the bay, and to hire a captain full time, whether you use the yacht or not? No, neither could we!
Off to work Tommy goes. Some work, huh?

Us having pizza on that fancy-scmancy thingthats as close as were getting, but thats much closer than some ever will.


  1. "It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it!" And luckily you got to go along. New York Style pizza too! What fun! Did all this exposure to the high life give you new ideas for writing?

  2. I spent 20 years on "yachts" that cost much much more than that one did. Two of them measured over 1,000 feet in length and 380 ft in width and took approx. 5,000 sailors to fully man. I want nothing to do with any size yacht now. LOLOL

  3. Oddly enough it did, but not for a new one. I have a story on the back burner which needs major revising. A 74 foot yacht is just too small for what my story needs. Go figure! LOL

  4. Glory, now I know how to get some of that great New York pizza, all I have to do is buy a 2.5 Million dollar yacht and sail it right over there before lunchtime. I would get Tommy to fix the gyros too. ":))


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