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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Are they ripe yet?

Some folks may know instinctively when fruit is ripe. I am not one of those. Because of this inability, I have had fruit snatched away from me moments before I planned on picking them.
Peaches won't tell me when they're ready
The deer did it. That is how I was completely wiped out last year of my hazelnut harvest. And just last month, I didn't even get one plum, not a one!

I took this picture of the plums the day before I thought of picking them. Alas, the weather turned on me and it rained and rained and rained. After several days I went back and found them gone. The deer, you see, don't care if it rains and as I wasn't there to stop them, they had themselves a feast.

Ah, well. Live and learn. Now I have these peaches. I feel them and sniff them and still I can't quite tell if they are ripe. I thought they would blush a bit and they have but very slightly. They still feel hard, but I can almost feel the deer waiting for me to declare them ripe so they can come under the cloak of darkness and snatch them once again right out from under my nose.

Well, I picked a few and I'll see what they taste like and then we'll see. Please don't tell the deer!


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  1. Aha,--- the old "I don't know if it's ripe" so the deer get it" conundrum....
    The way to tell if fruit is ripe is to lift it GENTLY up on it's stem. IF it comes off EASILY, it is very close to being ripe if not already ripe. Fruit that has a rich bouquet, soft, or very sweet is usually already quite ripe--if not over-ripe. As they say, better luck next year...and deer DO remember where such fine treats are to be had from season to season... ":)


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