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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The artistry of Planting

The artistry of plants and the arrangement of plants may bewilder and astound some people.

Case in point: See these plants? Know what they are? They may look like plain grass clumps to you I'm thinking, but they are very important plants. They are four distinct colors and varieties of a simple staple of the world-wide diet. Any guesses?

Perhaps this large planting sight will provide a clue. Here's another: it will be flooded after it is completely planted. Still no guess? Rice. Yes, we are talking rice plants planted in large rice paddies in Japan. As you will see with the following photos provided to me by Julie Helms via a forwarded email which she received from...well, I don't quite know who sent it to her. Whoever it was, I thank them profusely. These photos illustrate rather nicely how a simple, useful plant can become a work of extraordinary art.

Just with plants of four contrasting colors, bright green, yellowish-green, black and white, these exceptional artists create masterpieces. You don't even have to appreciate plants or art in general to spot that some serious talent is required to create these.

What is most amazing, at least to me, is that this is edible art. This is not just for show, you know. They will reap what they sow... rice, tons of it! Once the rice is ready to harvest in September, the canvas is wiped clean.

Until that happens, however, we get to see how art can quite literally grow.
The black and yellowish-green rice is the Kodaimai cultivar while the green is a Roman variety called Tsugaru. These living murals cover vast stretches of farm land, some 15,000 square meters for some of them.

The buildings in the background give you a sense of the enormity of these murals. You have to view them from the highest buildings around to really get the gist of the pictures formed only with natural, no dyes added plants.

It is quite stunning in photos, so imagine if you got to see them in person! Worth a trip to Japan during the summer months, I'd say.

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